Man oh man! Life doesn’t seem to stand still these. There’s always something going on and it’s hard to keep up.

Despite the craziness that is life I’ve some how managed to squeeze some miles. I think that’s the hardest part about being busy and not having weekends free. I never seem to have enough hours in the day for the miles that I’d like to do. I manage to squeeze in 3 mile runs sporadically. But how do I consistently get longer runs in?

I know the answer is waking up earlier. But good lord do I love that snooze button. We are good friends. I think I must be the worst snoozer at this point. I could hit that button on repeat for an hour. Even longer some days. I consistently get 9.5 hours of sleep every night. Maybe that’s my problem. Too much sleep.

I’ve gotta make that switch to early morning runs but how in the hell do I get there? Please help me! When I have a group to meet with I get up and I’m out the door by 6am. So how come I can’t seem to do that on my own? Do you have that problem?




6 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Thanks to who invented the snooze oh my god. I use it every single morning. I’m trying to beat the heat so I need to wakeup early and It so hard since I have sleep problems.


    1. I feel ya on that! I hate running in the heat, especially with humidity. But I don’t sleep well either. So hard to get a good system when you don’t feel rested!


    1. Same! If I don’t have everything ready then it takes me FOREVER to get out the door. At which point I start questioning whether I really want to go or not. And then begins the slippery slope of losing motivation!

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  2. I’ll admit that I am a morning person so getting up may come easier to me. But, it wasn’t always that way. I always believe you can discipline yourself to get up and exercise in the morning just like you can discipline yourself to eat better or write for an hour a day. It takes repetition and practice and you might fail sometimes, but if you commit yourself to it, it can become routine. I always have to pee in the morning and that helps get me out of bed 🙈, then I tell myself, “welp, I’m already up, might as well get going!” Good luck!


    1. I wish I was a morning person! I used to wake up at 4 every morning to go to swim practice. I need to get back to that! I’m learning that if I have everything packed the night before I do much better at getting out the door the next morning. Having people to meet certainly helps too.


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