Race Week

It’s Race Week! I’m pumped. Tired. Excited. Nervous. Anxious…. All the feels! Haha I can’t wait though.

I’m doing my first ever sprint triathlon this weekend. 400m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run. I’ve got the run and swim down no problem. It’s the bike part that I’m nervous about. I keep telling myself I’m not doing this one competitively, it’s meant to be fun and low key and if I enjoy then I’ll start training more seriously. It’s hard to have that mindset though when you are a naturally competitive person.

IMG_4706 (1)


Also, I’m going stir crazy!! I’m trying so hard to take it easy this week but I just want to RUN! And keep running! I also know that it’s super important to rest so that my body can be ready. I didn’t do a great job of resting yesterday. 14 mile bike ride yesterday followed by a 3.5 mile trail run this morning…


It was worth it though! It helped calm some of my nerves about the ride portion of the race and I had a fun evening with friends. Absolutely worth it.

Seriously though… how do I stop myself from going crazy? I’m having a hard time holding myself back.



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