Getting Started

What I’m starting to learn about myself is that I have a hard time starting a training plan. Maybe I’m in a bit of slump and facing burnout. I just don’t want to admit it. But I haven’t been consistent lately. I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. I keep setting myself up for success on the weekends, buying the healthy foods, writing down my schedule, mapping it out. But then Monday rolls around and I just flop. And if I miss Monday, I miss the rest of the week.

I’ve been stuck in this miserable cycle for a weeks now and I’m itching to get out of it. I just feel like I’m in a slump. Maybe I need to find a running group or something. Some kind of accountability somewhere. Or find some races. SOMETHING!! I’m going to try out some multivitamins to see if that will help boost my energy levels and get me going again. Cause goodness gracious I need something.

Falling into a slump is tough mentally. I don’t feel like myself. I feel like I’m missing aspects of my life. And that should be enough to motivate me but when that 5:30am alarm goes off I don’t hear any of that. And boom goes the snooze button until it’s too late to squeeze in a run before work.

In my head, I’m screaming


I just want to feel like a runner again. How do I find that self again? Any tips out there?



One thought on “Getting Started

  1. If you miss the run in the morning, can you try for a short one later in the day when you get home from work or something? It’s weird, my body kind of wants what i consistently give it. If I miss a lot of workouts in a row–it wants to sleep in and lay around. But if I force movement and exercise on it–even just a little bit, the endorphins get going and it craves more activity. It can be hard not to have the “all is lost” attitude when you miss workouts at the beginning of the week but if you break into that cycle and stick some exercise in there, it might wake those active juices up. Just a thought. Good luck!


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